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Black Bear Kayak, Tofino - we love what we do!

Founded in 2010, Black Bear Kayaking is the newest base for kayak adventure trips in Tofino.
Enthusiastic, highly-motivated and well experienced in what we do, we have managed to establish a successful reputation for guided kayak tours throughout Clayoquot Sound.

We are centrally located at 3rd and Main Street, right at the gate to the breathtaking panorama of the Sound, its surrounding mountains and of course a lot of marine and land based wildlife.

Our fleet consists of 15' and 17' Delta single kayaks and 20' Delta T doubles. All boats and equipment are new and of high quality to ensure as much fun and comfort for you as possible.

Black Bear Kayaking is very aware of your safety. All our guides are certified Kayak guides and we are operating according to the guidelines of the Sea Kayaking Guide Alliance of British Columbia (SKGABC).

We speak English and German, a little Spanish..and we will continue to work on that.

With professionalism and experience, our main goal is to provide you with an outstanding Kayak tour!

How to find us in Tofino

Find us on Main Street (down 3rd street), with Storm Light Outfitters!


Black Bear Kayak at Storm Light Outfitters | PO BOX 1204 | 390 Main Street | Phone: 1.250.725.3342

Jobs 2020 - Become a Tofino kayak-guide!

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Black Bear is dedicated to be a great crew of staff who will help make the experience the best our guests can hope for!

Black Bear Kayaking is a well established and expanding Tofino-outdoors-venture with a growing team of talented and certified outdoor enthusiasts.
Working at Black Bear means, the opportunity of a high level of participation and excellent working conditions are guaranteed.

Next to our 'shorter' kayak adventures, we are offering multiday-trips and therefore are actively searching for experienced guides that can help and support us accommodating these tours as well as refining them.
At 'Black Bear' however, a 'Kayak Day Guide' Level 1 certification according to SKGABC - or comparable, as well as Wilderness First Aid are a minimum requirement!*

If you meet these qualifications, possess excellent customer service skills and want to participate the development of this progressive venture, please send us an e-mail, with your resume at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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